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TIL #1: Make better notes

Today I Learned series

As you can see this is the first entry of Today I Learned series. This will be a series of short entries to help me write regularly for my blog. In addition, I hope that there will be some positive changes, such as more focus on everyday programming, taking more value from everyday work, changing the mindset while learning new things. Let’s see what will happen…

Make better notes

Today I found out that my notes are not saying basically anything more than status of my tasks on JIRA. Look at this note:

“Finish working on confirmation dialog”

Does it say anything? Yes, of course, it says the same what “Add Confirmation Dialog” on JIRA in “In Progress” column says. Basically nothing. Generally it’s not a problem when I continue the work on the next day. But after New Year’s Eve, the weekend, when I started my work today, it took me one hour to recall, that “Finish working on confirmation dialog” was in fact “The title is wrong in the second row, just change the String resource”. I needed to go through the code, everything compiled, I checked the UI on the device, everything looked okay. Thankfully I opened Figma and recognized the issue. Complete waste of time.

How to change it?

I don’t know for sure, but I think that asking questions one after another and creating something similar to “decision tree” will be good enough for start.

Finish working on confirmation dialog

Do you know exactly what to do?

No. I need to change the title in the second row by replacing current String resource with proper one

Do you need any additional information for this task?

Yes. I need to know how we are going to add translations in that case. I also need to know if the content should be scrollable.

Action points:

  • Ask somebody from the team how are we going to add translations in that case.
  • Check if there is any case that content of the dialog is scrollable (check preferably on small device)
  • If content can be scrollable, inform the UI designer and people from interested teams

Something like that. It will obviously change depending on context, but with action points defined like that I think my mind can be focused on more important work than reminding what I needed to do or even why I left that note.

Mariusz Brona

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